Keys to a well-stocked kitchen

To have a working kitchen, there are certain things you absolutely need and some things I highly recommend but are skippable. I know it seems like a lot but this is truly the bare bones of kitchen shit you need. I don't even want to get into my own kitchen gadget addiction. All of these handy tools and many more potentially useless but fun ones can be purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond or on

1 set of mixing bowls (small, medium, large)
1 large whisk
1 squishy spatula
Chef's knife (the big stabby one with a straight edge used for chopping vegetables, etc.)
Paring knife (for peeling)
Serrated knife
Set of measuring spoons
2 baking sheets
Cheese grater (or multipurpose plane grater)
Set of good potholders
1 muffin tin
1 bread tin
2-3 saucepans with nonstick coating (small, medium, large)
2-3 pots for stovetop use (small, medium, large)
Set of 2 Pyrex baking dishes (square, medium rectangular)
Colander OR large fine mesh strainer
Hand-held mixer
Blender or food processor

Useful but not necessary:
Cast iron skillet
Crock pot (electric or ceramic)
Stand mixer (KitchenAid recommended)
Carving knife and fork
Disposable plastic pastry bags and metal tips
Set of ceramic ramekins
Set of spring-form cake pans
Glass pie plate
Large and small food processors

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